My blog gets a New Look!

It is an awesome weather out here today in Bangalore. The rains have decided to 'shower' their blessings today and I must say I am quite enjoying it. As I was enjoying my cup of NesCafe and the rain outside, I pondered upon some of the blog posts I read early in the morning today. They were so very informative as the blog writers not only posted information I would rarely find in books or on the net, but only shared some of the best practices in deploying the Microsoft Technologies involved. This has motivated me to be more active on the blogosphere and the first thing I needed to do is to make my blog look more professional.

So here it is, a redefined look of my new blog. It looks way better than what it used to be thanks to the help of some of the Microsoft Bloggers who helped me author the CSS for my blog. Also, I have started a new blog on my favorite topic, PowerShell!

It is live and you can visit to learn more about it.

So, its time to be more active on my blog and in days to come, you would a series of posts coming from me. Stay tuned!



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