Exchange 2010: Manage "Send-As" Permission only Works on the Mailbox Server Where "Public Folder" was Created.

Exchange 2010 can only add "Send As" permissions to mail-enabled public folders for which the Owner of the AD object corresponding to the PF is an Exchange 2010 server. For Example In a environment  with many Exchange 2010 servers, If a "Public Folder" is created using Exchange 2010 server PF console on E2010 server MB01 (in Our Example),…


Exchange 2010 DAG Members and Cluster Quorum Configuration

Many a times I was asked If the cluster Quorum is configured properly. Their has been questions around Quorum configuration and number of  nodes in DAG ( Database Availability Group) , number of nodes in Cluster and the cluster quorum configuration type.  This Blog post discuss more on Cluster configuration. Exchange 2010 decides on one of…


2. Fast Search Foundation for Exchange Server 2013, Mailbox database Content index State is ‘Failed’. AdminNodes are Terminating.

Here was the situation: Search function stopped working on Exchange server 2013. Users are not getting any results.   No Issues noticed with Microsoft Exchange Search service and HostCotrollerService.  However, Get-MailboxdatabaseCopyStatus reported “Failed” state on all Mailbox databases. – Restart “HostControllerService”.  Service restarted, but AdminNodes failed to start  with HostCotrollerService.   – Resetting the Content index on every database do not help, because Admin nodes…


GrantSendOnBehalfTo Permissions for Mailbox overwrites Existing permission.

Following Blogpost explains how to use Exchange management shell to add / remove values from multivalued property on an object. Multivalued property can Contain more than one value. for Example “GrantSendOnBehalfTo’ property on mailbox. * How to configure Send on Behalf. A. Using outlook Delegate tab. B. Using Exchange management console C. Using Exchange Management Console.  — This…


1. Exchange Server 2013 /PrepareAd or Cumultive update installation fails.

Exchange server 2013 /PrepareAD or installing Cumulative Updates [ CUxx ] fail with the error, while running Organization Preparation The following error was generated when “$error.Clear(); install-AdministrativeGroup -DomainController $RoleDomainController ” was run: “Active Directory operation failed on The object ‘CN=Folder Hierarchies,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT), CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Exchange Organization,CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=Domain,DC=Com’ already exists.” The Exchange Server…


Holiday Calendar and How Import to Mailboxes.

Organizations may create calendar PST files for their organizations or teams. This may include organization / team events, project deadlines, holidays or even birthdays.  After entering all of this information into the calendar of a generic mailbox and test calendars.  you can then export this calendar to a PST file and  name it as HOLIDAYCALENDAR.PST…


Exchange 2013 Upgrade/Uninstall fails while uninstall Search Foundation for Exchange

This post is to explain one of the common problem experienced during upgrade / uninstall of  Exchange Server 2013. The Process fails while uninstall Search foundation for Exchange.     Exchange Server 2013 Setup logs show the error below.”Error occurred while uninstalling Search Foundation for Exchange.System.Exception: Cannot determine the product name registry subkey, neither the ‘RegistryProductName’ application setting nor the ‘CERES_REGISTRY_PRODUCT_NAME’ environment variable…


Exchange Server 2013: Fast Search Infrastructure Troubleshooting Articles.

These articles describe how to troubleshoot Fast Search issues with Exchange Server 2013.When you think the page is missing information or to be included, please leave a comment or notify the blog author.   [Troubleshooting]- Content Index 'status' shows "Failed" on all mailbox databases. [Troubleshooting]- Update 2874216 (MS13-061) breaks the content index in Exchange Server 2013. [Blog/Troubleshooting]- Exchange…


ExchangeMTA Fails to Start If “MTAData” folder is on 2TB Physical disk

  Recently I was involved in troubleshooting Exchange 2003 MTA Service, which failed to start after reboot . Two weeks early The storage team Extended the volume to 2.04TB which holds “MTAdata” Folder. If  extend the Physical disk , that contains "MTAData" Folder, MTA Service fails to recognize the single Disk size beyond 2 TB…


Exchange 2010 : Move-ActiveMailboxdatabase cmdlet fails to Mount the database in second site/datacentre. ( Activation mode Off )

Move-Activemailboxdatabase cmdelt is a datacentre SwitchOver process. Purpose is to Mount the Databases on a server in Second datacentre.  [ * These steps are applicable for  DAG Setup with DAC mode set to OFF ]. Let us look at an example on how to activate the databases in second site.  Setup:  Site1 :    CAS/HT  server,  1  Mailbox Server  with few databases in a single DAG….