Exchange 2010 : Move-ActiveMailboxdatabase cmdlet fails to Mount the database in second site/datacentre. ( Activation mode Off )

Move-Activemailboxdatabase cmdelt is a datacentre SwitchOver process. Purpose is to Mount the Databases on a server in Second datacentre.  [ * These steps are applicable for  DAG Setup with DAC mode set to OFF ].

Let us look at an example on how to activate the databases in second site. 


Site1 :    CAS/HT  server,  1  Mailbox Server  with few databases in a single DAG.


a . CAS/HT name : SIET1CAS1

   b. mailbox sever  : Site1MBX1

Mailbox Database : DB1\Site1MBX1, DB2\Site1MBX1, DB3\Site1MBX1  -- mounted on server Site1MBX1

 Replica on            : DB1\Site2MBX2,DB2\Site2MBX2,DB3\Site3MBX3 -- Replica enabled on Server Site2MBX2, which is mailbox server in Second site / datacentre.                       

Site 2 : CAS/HT Servers, 1 mailbox server, with replcias enabled .

   a.  CAS /HT Name : Site2CAS2

    b. Mailbox Server : Site2MBX2

3 - both sites are separated by Routing Device

Scenario :  To mount all databases on a mailbox Server (Site2MBX2) in Second site.

To Activate databases on second server you need to follow following steps. [ these steps are to simulate and recovery steps remains same for production or simulation ] 

1 - In  site1  " Net Stop Clussvc"

2 -  stop Routing device which disconnects network connection bewteen both the servers/sites.

3 - start cluster service on server in second site with /ForceQuorum  Switch

    Net start Clussvc /forcequorum

4 -  From the primary site evict node from cluster or DAG membership

 Net stop clussvc cluster  "DAG name"  node  "DAGMemberName"  / forcecleanup

ex : Net stop clussvc cluster  HADAG node SITE1MBX1 /forcecleanup

Now you are ready to mount databases on second site. Second server doesn't know any thing about last log generated and last log copied . when site went down replication service couold not contact the primary server

to get the required information . so activation will not be an easy process.

5 - Logon to server in Second site ( Site2mbx2)

 open Exchange management shell and tyot activat the databases

 5a.  "move-activemailboxdatabase -identity  DB1  -activateonserver site2mbx2 -mountdialoverride:none -skip activationchecks" 

 This cmdelet fails with following error

  -  Failure indicated issues with stale entry for copy queue length 9223372036854775792

 - This happened when secondary server fails to communicate with primary Server. 

 5b. Let's try to skip checking log file valivation

 "move-activemailboxdatabase -identity  DB1  -activateonserver site2mbx2 -mountdialoverride:none -skip activationchecks -skiplagchecks" 


This would fail for CI error , monitor the status of CI --> Failed

5c. You would need additional switch to skip all validation checks and checknig for CI status. Remember there are no work arounds here  [ * resetcontentindex, update-databasecopy -catalogonly almost fails ]

 "move-activemailboxdatabase -identity  DB1  -activateonserver site2mbx2 -mountdialoverride:none -skip activationchecks -skiplagchecks -skipclientExperiencechecks" 

 - Now you are done,

- go check your database should be mounted and ready .

- next check for the CI status and wait for database to finish "CRAWL", depending on your database size this may take few hours.

- when the primary site is back, go ahead and add the mailbox back into DAG and replication should resume automatically,


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