Configuring email enabled Document libraries in MOSS

This article will help you to configure  your MOSS2007 environment for libraries to receive incoming e-mail using a standard e-mail address that can be used both internally and externally.

In order to describe the steps to achieve the above task, we take the SharePoint farm as follows

Win2k3-DC :

Domain controller

Exchange server 2003

DNS server

SQL server 2005

Win2k3-MOSS :

MOSS 2007 SP2


Step 1 

MOSS creates and uses AD contacts to configure Email enabled document libraries. So we need to first determine where in AD these contacts can be created . I prefer if these contacts can be created in a separate or dedicated OU so that the troubleshooting becomes easier. Here is an example from my test environment.



Step 2

Now, we need to configure an MX record for the MOSS server in DNS. Follow the below step

  • Open DNS manager in DC (start->run and type dnsmgmgt.msc and hit enter)
  • Traverse to the Domain name under “Forward lookup zone” and right click –>select “New Mail exchanger(MX)”
  • Provide the host name of the MOSS server and the FQDN of the SMTP server ( in our case MOSS server itself)

This will look like:-


Step 3

Install and configure SMTP service

  • Login to MOSS server and click on start –>run then type appwiz.cpl
  • Click on Add/Remove windows components –>application server->details->IIS->details-> enable SMTP service and click OK
  • Provide Windows installation CD to copy the necessary files
  • Once the installation completes , Start, Administrative Tools, Internet Information Services
  • Right click on Properties of Default SMTP Virtual Server
  • Click the Access Tab, Relay. Add the IP address of the servers that can relay through this server. In my case this was the Exchange server in my domain
  • Click Ok, Ok, and Apply


Step 4 

  • Open MOSS2007 Central Administration and click on the Operations Tab


  • Click Yes to enable incoming mail and the settings mode on Automatic


  • Under the Directory Management Servicesection select Yes
  • In the Active Directory Field type the name of your Organizational unit that we created earlier. example: OU=Sharepointcontacts,dc=spsdomain,dc=local.
  • In the SMTP mail server field type the name of your moss server tat has the SMTP server installed. Example win2k3-moss.SPSDomain.local
  • Leave the value to default for all other columns Directory management section on this page


  • Under “Incoming email server display address” , make sure we have the right right SMTP server address
  • You can set “Accept mail from all email servers” or “accept mail from these safe email servers” depending up on your wish
  • dirman2

  • Click on OK
  • Step 5

    Now, we will create a new document library on a existing site , to do that

    • Open the site with administrator privilege
    • Click on “View all site content”
    • Click on create and then document library
    • Enter the name of the document library (example :- email_doc)
    • Click on Yes for “Allow this document library to receive email”
    • Provide the email id for the document library ( its always good to keep the similar name as the library name)
    • Click ok Create


    Step 6

    • Open the document library we have just created
    • Click Settings – document library settings
    • Under Communication Settings click E-Mail Settings
    • In the E-Mail Message Section Select Yes for save original e-mail
    • In the E-Mail Security section Select Yes to Accept e-mail messages from any sender (optional)
    • Click OK


    Step 7

    • Login back to DC and open dsa.msc
    • Navigate to the OU “Sharepointcontacts” and make sure we have new contact in the name “email_doc” present there
    • You can open the contact and verify the email id
    • Make sure the username with which the Windows SharePoint services timer service is configured has proper permission on the drop folder located at “c:\inetpub\mailroot\drop”

    Now, open up your outlook and start sending emails to email_doc@win2k3-moss.spsdomain.local with or without attachments. Wait for the timer service to run and the mails with / without attachments will appear in the document library list


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