Getting ‘Sample’ when trying to ’email a link’ – sharepoint 2010

If you are facing this issue with 'Email a link' functionality in sharepoint server 2010 on claims based web authentication you can check below settings.



When we try 'Email a link' from 'Send To' for any document in the site collection

And In the new outlook email if we get the result with just 'sample' (no link) like below:-


Need to Check:-


1.) In IIS for that web applicatin check the anonymous authentication is set as enabled/disabled. if it is set as disabled then you can face this problem.

Save it to Enabled.

When a web application is configured to use claims authentication (windows claims, form-based authentication claims, or SAML claims) the IIS website is always configured to have anonymous access turned on.



2.) In IIS for that web application check the Windows Authentication -> advance setting -> Extended protection = check the value, if it is set to 'Accept' change it to 'Off' and this will fix the issue.



3.) In web.config of the web application check the settings for "serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled" it should be set as True.



Kindly try these steps in testing farm before making below changes in production.

Comments (2)

  1. Carston says:

    I have all these settings set, and still have the "Sample" issue…

  2. djd says:

    Worked for me! Thanks Mr. Sharma.

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