Troubleshooting PXE boot issues in Configuration Manager 2012

A very short one from me today, we recently published an interactive tutorial in troubleshooting PXE. Choose to get straight down to it or go through an overview and background of PXE first: Rob York Premier Field Engineer


Monitoring Database Replication Efficiency in Configuration Manager 2012

In this blog post I want to look at DRS replication within System Center Configuration Manager and discuss some impacts that can be seen in a busy site.  If you are running a single site environment, then this article is not for you.  If you run a CAS and multiple primary sites then you might…


ConfigMgr 2012: Tracking Application Model installations on clients

I frequently get customers asking me how to track and troubleshoot Application model based installs on clients within Configuration Manager 2012. This blog post is intended as a quick reference to the log file interaction when an application is being installed. Legacy package and programs are still logged to execmgr.log as with previous versions of…


Testing SLP Availability

Hi all, A quick one from me. Ever had site discovery issues on your client machine?    You can stick one of the following into your web browser to confirm that the Server Locator Point is up and running:    If you use AD Sites for boundaries    http://<slp>/sms_slp/slp.dll?site&ad=<AD Site Name>    If you use…


HELP! Where did the disk space on my Management Point go?

Recently I was working with a customer and we found that their ConfigMgr Management Point had an unexpectedly low amount of disk space left.  When we looked at this machine we found that there were lots of IIS Logs in the %SystemDrive%\inetpub\logs\LogFiles folder.  Eagle eyed administrators will spot that this is a change since IIS6 …


Which Device Drivers Should I Import Into My Boot Image?

Today’s post comes from a colleague here in the UK, Jason Wallace. Jason is a fellow Configuration Manager Premier Field Engineer. Here he shares his knowledge and experience on device drivers in boot images. Enough of me, over to Jason!     Something which we sometimes see are questions regarding device drivers and Operating System…