Troubleshooting PXE boot issues in Configuration Manager 2012

A very short one from me today, we recently published an interactive tutorial in troubleshooting PXE. Choose to get straight down to it or go through an overview and background of PXE first: Rob York Premier Field Engineer


Install Software step: Multiple Software sample script

Hi All, One more quick one for you.  This script shows how to use a CSV file as a data source and map to assign software to a given user role or department using a Install Software step in ConfigMgr.  The step allow you to simplify and condense your task sequences.  The description on TechNet…


Useful ConfigMgr Resources (Updated)

A while back (2 years to be precise) Saud posted a list of resources to do with ConfigMgr. Below is a well overdue update to that list: ConfigMgr Resources/Information: Learning: TechCenter on TechNet: Features (Technical Content): Virtual Labs: Webcasts: Audiocasts (WMA): TechNet Virtual Labs, ConfigMgr: Download Service Pack 2…


Fully Automating P2V Migration for Software Assurance in ConfigMgr

?I’ve had this topic on my to-do list for a few months now. I presented on P2V Migration at a customer day we hosted at Thames Valley Park in February. My hesitation came from not really knowing how much to cover in terms of the blog. I’m going to try and keep it short and…


Preventing PXE Boot on Servers and Other Critical Client Systems Using MACIgnoreListFile

Following on from my last post here’s another method you can implement to protect specific clients in your environment.   There is a documented but seemingly little known setting in the registry of the PXE Service Point Role in Configuration Manager. MACIgnoreListFile allows you to have a list of MAC addresses which will be explicitly…


Which Device Drivers Should I Import Into My Boot Image?

Today’s post comes from a colleague here in the UK, Jason Wallace. Jason is a fellow Configuration Manager Premier Field Engineer. Here he shares his knowledge and experience on device drivers in boot images. Enough of me, over to Jason!     Something which we sometimes see are questions regarding device drivers and Operating System…


Preventing Operating System Deployment On Servers And Other Critical Client Systems

An uncharacteristically short one from me today; although normality will soon be resumed! There isn’t usually much scope for catastrophe in the daily workings of ConfigMgr and very few companies I know of would consider it a business critical application. It is, however, often used to manage servers and even desktops that are running business…


Software Deployment to Barely Connected Users

In a world where high-speed Internet connections are ubiquitous, even laptop computers can be expected to have some form of regular connection to the Internet or corporate network. However in the past few months the same scenario has cropped up in conversations with customers: How to include computers that barely connect to corporate network, in…


Setting Default Domain Name in Operating System Deployment

In Configuration Manager Operating System Deployment, it is desirable to change the default logon to the domain the computer is joined to, from the default which is the local computer.       The standard way of doing this is to change the registry keys under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, namely: Value Data DefaultDomainName Domain Name AltDefaultDomainName Domain…