Setting System Center Orchestrator Runbook Operator Privileges

Hi, Common question I keep getting asked by my customers is: How do I set Orchestrator Operator privileges in specific Runbook contexts? This post is all about providing you with a simple and precise set of guidelines to enable to answer the question above. The Scenario: “WSUS Operators” Domain Group needs to only gain Operator…


Update your VMM Managed Hyper-V Host Agents with PowerShell

Hey there, the kids are finally in bed and the dog is snoring on the sofa, which means I’ve got some time to get this blog finished. Firstly, I need to start this post with a caveat, a PowerShell related caveat…  I’m not a PowerShell guru!  The PowerShell gurus out there can probably smell the lack of…


Troubleshooting PXE boot issues in Configuration Manager 2012

A very short one from me today, we recently published an interactive tutorial in troubleshooting PXE. Choose to get straight down to it or go through an overview and background of PXE first: Rob York Premier Field Engineer


What's New With ConfigMgr's Client Notification Feature

With the release of Configuration Manager this month – ConfigMgr 1602, was the introduction of some new features within the console in regards to how an administrator can interact with a client.  This blog will look to explain these new features, how they work and where they’ve been developed from.  Firstly, some background.  Way back…