Powershell: Retrieve Group Membership for a given Computer in Operations Manager (2012/ 2012 R2)


In System Center Operations Manager (2012/ 2012 R2) you may find it difficult to retrieve all the Groups a given Computer Instance belongs to.

Doing it via Powershell it becomes quite simple – something you can achieve by running the following script:


Import-Module OperationsManager 

$ComputerFQDN = '<YourServerFQDNname>'

$Groups = Get-SCOMGroup

Write-Host $ComputerFQDN " is member of the following Groups:"

Write-Host "============================================================================="


Foreach ($Group in $Groups){

$Members = $Group.GetRelatedMonitoringObjects()

Foreach ($Member in $Members){

If ($Member.DisplayName -eq $ComputerFQDN) {

Write-Host $Group.DisplayName





Hope you found it helpful! J

Comments (2)
  1. Jesty Sam says:

    Great script…How can i output the result to a file?

  2. HectorMarcia says:

    Great script.
    Thank you!

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