Operations Manager 2012 – Create Override Packs via PowerShell


An example PowerShell script to automate the creation of override packs within Operations Manager can be downloaded from Script Center. This shows how you can easily setup and follow the Management Pack life cycle for change control via PowerShell

This script facilitates the creation of unsealed override packs to match the name of the sealed management pack with the prefix of company name and appended with _overrides e.g. an override pack would be created that is named Contoso_ManagementPack_Override, where ManagementPack is the name of the sealed management pack. This allows saving of overrides to unique management packs for only relevant overrides reducing unnecessary config churn when making overrides.

Creating the overrides via script also give the benefit of controlling the id name, so when exporting management packs the names have a clear and understandable source for quick recovery.



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