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Thanks for attending or watching my session at MMS 2013 on reporting in Configuration Manager.  The session video is posted here: The following are resources related to the session or you might find interesting:

There were also quite a few other SQL & Reporting related session for Configuration Manager at MMS 2012:

If you have any questions, ping me on @saud_ms or use the comments below.


Comments (4)

  1. SinghSharad says:

    Hi, I have seen your video, could you please guide me how to make dashboard for CM12

  2. SaudM says:

    Thanks Steve, glad I could be of assistance in both cases. 🙂

  3. SaudM says:

    Hi SinghSharad,

    I would suggest going one of a few routes. First, you could implement Service Manager and use it purely as a data warehousing and then a partner dashboarding solution above the SM data warehouse. That is probably the most out of the box solution.

    You could also use Power View based on the information in my session. More info here:…/power-view-explore-visualize-and-present-your-data-HA102835634.aspx. I use Excel but you can host it in SharePoint as well. Grab my Excel file from Script Center to use the dashboard queries as a starting point.

    There is also SSRS which can be used for dashboarding after a fashion.  Finally, there is SharePoint itself. See here:…/getting-started-with-dashboards-HA010380601.aspx

  4. SteveT says:

    Saud, Thank you for mentioning my session (B407). I got a lot out of your presentations.

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