Are My Backups Really Taking Place?

Something which I have seen as a recurring theme a few times with customers is with backups failing and them not realising.  While, of course we would always recommend that you have a test environment with some Hyper-V images where you can always test restores, for some customers this is not possible. In these cases the customers were looking at Component Status and seeing something like this:

This means that the backups are taking place right?  Wrong!   What sets this OK value to something BUT OK is a simple counter which you can control under Status Summary, just like this – the default as you can see is 5 to send you into Critical.  For these customers the value of 5 was not being hit.  Of course this is just an example and you should look at the threshold values for ALL of your components.

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This post was contributed by Jason Wallace, a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft Premier Field Engineering, UK

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