Obtaining a list of AI Microsoft Products

I received a question from colleague recently around how to find the exact name used in the AI database for previous versions of a Microsoft product.  The reason for this was to replace the license MVLS statement’s product name with an older version of software that is deployed by availing a customer Downgrade Rights in their PUR.  The Asset Intelligence database in Configuration Manager contains this information in v_LU_MSProd view.

The following T-SQL should do the trick:

SELECT DISTINCT [MLSFamilyName], [MLSProductName]

This post was contributed by Saud Al-Mishari, a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft Premier Field Engineering, UK.

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  1. Rob York says:

    Hi QualityControl, Thanks for the catch there.  That’s what I get for manually typing the results from my Hyper-V lab environment. 🙂

    Hi Phil, when I got asked this internally I figured I’d share this the community at large as I can see how this would be a common issue for customers (both Premier and otherwise), as the license statements may not match what is actually currently deployed technology.

  2. Phil Evans says:

    Really original…rather than get back to the customer direct (me), let’s use this as a marketing opportunity for my profile in Premiere…nice 🙂

  3. qualitycontrol says:

    er, that’s actually:

    select SELECT DISTINCT [MLSFamilyName], [MLSProductName]

    from v_LU_MSPROD

    tippy, tappy…slow down 🙂

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