User Unable to see Sent Items Folder on Outlook and OWA

Sent items folder is not showing for the user from Outlook and OWA.
Folder may visible if user use OWA light version..
This apply for Outlook folders such as: Junk Folder, Deleted Items, etc..

PR_ATTR_Hidden attribute for Sent Items folder was set to true

1) Install MFCMAPI then close Outlook.. You can download MFCMAPI from
2) Click on the Session menu and select “Log on and Display Store Table”. (This prompts you for your Outlook profile)
3) Double click on your mailbox in the top pane. It will open new box, if it is not open, just right click on your mailbox store and click open store..
4) Expand Top of IPM_SUBTREE then find and select the sent items folder - Check for PR_ATTR_HIDDEN attribute.


5) If it is set to True, then right click on it, click on edit Property and uncheck the checkbox, which set it to False.


 6) Then launch Outlook and you should see the sent item folder back.




Comments (11)

  1. Steve Schwarz says:

    I’m a bit late coming to this party … but this worked brilliantly! Thank you.

  2. Asan says:

    Gerat job. Thanks

  3. Paul G House says:

    Thanks, i have been looking for hours trying to figure out how to restore a users sent items folder and this fixed it.

  4. Jenny says:

    I use ThunderBird for my emails >. Sent < Archives< Deleted, etc ….cannot expand – cannot open these folders ???

  5. Pramod says:

    But I am not able to see Sent Folder using Web-mail on Internal Explorer

  6. Erwin says:

    Thanks, works perfectly! It has been fixed now.

  7. lee says:

    Super cool. I can’t thank you enough for posting this!

  8. ThunderEmperor says:

    Thanks for this.. it helps a lot.. 😀

  9. Fissi says:

    Many thanks for this, It has been fixed now.

  10. Dhanesh Bhavsar says:

    Thanks a lot!!!!! 🙂 it works…

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