Windows Server 2012 RTM & GA Timing (Updated)



At the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, it was announced that Windows Server 2012 will be Released To Manufacturing in the 1st week of August. The code will be complete and it will be delivered to hardware Partners. Then, the product will be Generally Available to Customers Worldwide through multiple channels in September.

Windows Server 2012

  • Up to 320 Logical Processors Per Host
  • Up to 4 TB of Memory Per Host
  • Up to 64 Virtual CPU Per virtual machine
  • Up to 1 TB of memory per virtual machine
  • Up to 64 TB per virtual disk
  • Up to 255 virtual disks per VM for a maximum of up 16,320 TB (or 15.93 Petabytes) per virtual machine
  • Up to 64 nodes in a cluster
  • Up to 4000 VMs in a cluster


Have you tried Windows Server 2012 yet? You can download the free RC (Release Candidate) from here (choose from x64 ISO or VHD*). The download comes with a Download Manager so you are free to Pause and Resume anytime.


Need to find out more about Windows Server 2012? You can read all about it here.

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Need Help? Windows Server 2012 RC Forum is here, or prefer Social Media? Join Windows Server Facebook Group here.

Need to learn more about Windows Server 2012? You can register for the free MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) here for online learning courses. You can also attend the free online Virtual Labs here.

* Did you know that you can try Windows Server 2012 on Windows 8 via Virtualization? Windows 8 now comes with Hyper-V, which originally came with Windows Server 2008 (reference). Unlike Windows Server 2008, Windows 8 now uses the newer Hyper-V 3.0 that’s found on Windows Server 2012. The latest version of Windows 8 is RP (Release Preview = RC).

WinServ2012Beta on Win8CP via Hyper-V 3

Need more information about Hyper-V on Windows 8? You can find it here. You can compare the older Hyper-V 2.0 in Windows Server 2008 with the newer Hyper-V 3.0 in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 here. You can get Windows 8 RP ISO (x86 or x64) from here. Need Help? Windows 8 Forum is here.

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