Cloud Computing

Cloud computing represents a sea change in how businesses use IT to innovate, differentiate, and win in the marketplace. Much as the Internet changed the way people work, interact, and play, cloud computing is changing the very landscape of computing for businesses, governments, educators, and consumers.

A set of powerful factors is driving the shift to cloud computing:

  • IT becomes more agile. Because applications and resources can be delivered on-demand, new ideas can be tried and evaluated faster than ever before, and with greater control.
  • You can focus on business, not infrastructure. Because resources are pooled and processes are highly automated, you can pay more attention to ideas than IT complexity.
  • The economics are simply unbeatable. Because hardware utilization is greater and IT usage is metered, you can achieve new levels of scale, power, and cost-efficiency.

With cloud computing solutions from Microsoft, you can realize these new benefits while also meeting your requirements for security, compliance, and compatibility.

Microsoft provides the following cloud computing offerings:

1) Private Cloud

A Microsoft private cloud dramatically changes the way your business produces and consumes IT services by creating a layer of abstraction over your pooled IT resources. This allows your datacenter to offer true infrastructure service capability as well as optimally managed application services. Microsoft private cloud solutions are built on Windows Server and System Center technology.                        

Learn more about Microsoft's Private Cloud offerings and how to get started today, click here.


2) Public Cloud

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It’s a place to run your applications out on the internet, at scale. With geographically distributed datacenters worldwide, applications can be built, hosted and managed around the world. With Windows Azure, you can extend and even move your datacenter services off-premises or beyond a hosted environment, paying only for the resources you use at any given time. The flexible cloud computing platform of Windows Azure lets you focus on solving business problems and addressing customer needs, not on the infrastructure.


Microsoft’s Public Cloud Platform delivers the following benefits:-

  1. A Powerful and Practical Platform - You don’t need to learn new tools or a new platform to harness the benefits of cloud computing. With Windows Azure, you can easily move existing applications to the cloud and create new applications and services using technology you already know and trust.
  2. Flexibility - Windows Azure gives you the agility to take advantage of multiple application development tools, automated service management, and global datacenter presence.  This enables you to respond faster to customer needs, focus on your competitive differentiators, and reach new markets.
  3. Freedom to Choose - With Windows Azure you have the freedom to choose where and how you manage, deploy, and store data, so that you can focus on business challenges and customer needs.
  4. Simplified Approach - With Windows Azure, you can create and manage applications and services utilizing familiar languages such as .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby.
  5. Reliable Solution - Cloud computing from Microsoft means 99.9%+ uptime and 24/7 support so you can be sure you’ll have the services your business needs whenever it needs them.

Try the Windows Azure platform at no cost today. When you’ve completed your evaluation, you can explore pay as you go subscription packages and special offers for MSDN subscribers, MPN members, and BizSpark members.

To find our more about Windows Azure, click here.

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