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Microsoft Private Cloud Goes Social


A private cloud enables organizations to deliver IT as services by providing a pool of computing resources delivered as a standard set of capabilities that are specified, architected, and managed based on requirements defined by a private organization. In a private cloud, an organization controls its environment by using cloud-enabled products on premises or through a hosting service. The journey to a private cloud is often driven by application maturity, performance requirements, regulatory requirements, or specific business drivers. Use this roadmap to explore private cloud concepts and benefits and plan and implement your private cloud solution.

Private Cloud Solutions Hub is to provide a place where anyone interested in private cloud computing will be able to find the information they need. The information is now categorized in sections named:

  • Explore
  • Plan
  • Deliver
  • Operate

For an introduction to Private Cloud Computing and an overview of Private Cloud Solution Hub, you can watch the Private Cloud Solution Hub Walk-through video.

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