Download The TechNet Forum Assistant Now!

The TechNet Forum Assistant is a free Windows gadget, available in the Microsoft Download Center. This gadget will help you better utilize the great information in TechNet Forums and community. By downloading, you have the support and expertise of Microsoft TechNet Forum Support Engineers directly right on your desktop. Receive support on your terms by downloading the TechNet Forum Assistant.


Ask Questions

The TechNet Forum Assistant enables you to ask questions directly to our dedicated TechNet Forum Support Engineers. With a click of your mouse, you can choose your favorite thread among the numerous topics available in the TechNet Forums.

Hot Topics & Resources

The TechNet Forum Assistant instantly directs you to the hottest questions and discussions, professional technique recommendations for development and free sample code from the All-In-OneCode Framework. Searching through your forum threads has never been easier. With TechNet Forum Assistant you can search through your threads directly from your desktop.

Receive Personalized Updates

The TechNet Forum Assistant conveniently gathers forum threads which are of interest to you. By selecting your favorite forums, the Forum Assistant provides updates on the most recent threads, making your online support experience much more convenient and hassle free.

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The TechNet Forum Assistant makes receiving support quicker and more convenient than ever. Download the free TechNet Forum Assistant to help you take advantage of the full capabilities of TechNet Forum.

Comments (3)

  1. windowsboy says:

    Please check the provided download links.. I can see "We are sorry" page!

  2. TechNet Malaysia Blog says:

    Please check the link again – it's working fine. Perhaps it was down awhile back. If you still can't access it, please do let us know.

  3. richard dean says:

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