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Hi again and sorry for such a long pause from blogging. During the past year I was focused on things with highest priorities only, including SQL User Group Meetings and some important trainings for my customers. It was a year of stress and fears about our little baby. Thanks God everything went well and I gave a birth to my sweet little daughter in January this year. She is just brilliant Smile I feel a way better  now, even not sleeping much, but very happy. I am returning back to publishing and working, not full time of course since my little one wants me constantly to be near by.

MS Days 2012 was kind of a point of return to the SQL Life. I had two presentations and full room of attendees to which I am really thankful. The first presentation was “Top 10 things you shouldn’t do as a database developer”. I was thinking about such a presentation for a long time. On every SQL Server PTO project I phased some kind of coding problem that shouldn’t be a part of a good database project. Well, I realize that those practices are very hard to group in a list of 10, even 100, but its not a number that matters. The important is to show in a no-doubtable way why the respective thing is a bad practice and of course to propose a better solution.

My second presentation was “Optimizing SQL Server 2012 for Private Cloud”. The topic is modern and SQL Server 2012 is part of it also. The important there is not the Cloud part, but Consolidation and Virtualization part – the Cloud preparation phases. Dynamic Memory Support in virtualization, Resource Governor for Multi-Tenancy and Contained databases.

It was yet another great event and I am glad I was part of it!

I will blog some of my presentation’s focal points . “See” you soon Smile

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