SharePoint 2010 for SQL Server Professionals

Yesterday we had a regular SQL User Group meeting this time the topic was SharePoint 2010 over SQL Server. And we were 2 Certified Masters presenting the topic (Radi and meSmile ). What to say – it was enjoyable! It was a great experience for me and hopefully to the people in the audience, because they were listening us about 3 and a half hours! Yep, we became unstoppable Smile  But you know, there is a lot more to say about SQL Server hosting..SharePoint databases Smile

Thanks God (and Doncho & Geri from MS) that we had catering after that Smile

The link for the presentation:

Enjoy, and see you next time! Smile

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  1. Alexey Krasheninnikov says:

    Hi, Margarita,

    I quickly replayed your presentation and I think it would be great to have at least part of your content submitted to some TechNet / TechDays site as text+presentation+video. Any possibility of this?

    Any plans to visit Russia some day with a talk like that? RUSUG / RU PASS Chapter would be more than happy to host such talks during regular meetings or conferences.

    And a few more questions I'd like you to highlight if you re-deliver this content some day.

    1. What recommendations do you promote for Records Center DBs and what could possibly make them special.

    2. A bit more detail on tempdb configuration, RBS orphans and maintenance

    Anyway, great content, thanks for sharing.

    By the way, don't you think that performance could be much higher if joins were favored over TVFs where the latter only encompasses a single SELECT statement? There are numerous in Content DBs.

    Could the performance benefit from adding an index to AllUserData that matches the PK index but does not reference tp_ID?

    Could that be promoted to dev team somehow?

    Thanks in advance.

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