The Greatest MS Days Ever!

MS Days has just passed. It has been a great event, actually the greatest one I’ve ever attended as a presenter. And it is not just because of the award I received from Ogi as a recognition for leading the Bulgarian SQL Community (It was very kind, but I accept it not only as an award for me personally, but for all the SQL Community members for their passion to “"SQL Together!”" ). The MS Days event 2010 was the greatest ever because of the logistics, excellent ideas, and all the events arrangements. Congratulations to our colleagues from BMO Department for the great job done!

Most popular and highest rated presentations were those where I shared my experience. The “Top 10 thinks you shouldn't do”" session was enjoyable. There were so many people wanted to attend the session that some of them were sitting on the floor. I really hope I haven't disappointed them (Well, according to the feedbacks... I haven't so much:). I was really happy when I received a feedback the day after the session from a customer’s DBA. She said: “After your session I checked out & fixed the settings in our SQL Servers”. That is one of the best feedback I’ve received, because it makes me feel like my session helped someone not just having a good time, but doing the job better. I am really excited about how my “Top 10 thinks “ session  series go. I have so much ideas about it, at least I have almost structured my next Top 10 🙂 Responding to the request for ppt slides – see the link at the end.

SQL Server Unplugged session was the one I think I did best, it was so funny, I really enjoyed the time. I got some tricky questions, some funny questions and ..a  bunch of flowers at the end (many thanks to the HP people from the SQL User Group, you made my day 🙂 Actually the session was one of the highest rated during the whole event. It was so nice to get this feedback, it was definitely energizing, something that keeps me going! I am really happy that the idea behind SQL Server Unplugged session worked out and was accepted by the audience. I will definitely continue to deliver and improve it. I will follow up some questions from the session in my next posts (one step at a time, by the way I am on a vacation right now, what a great time for blog postings, everyone is watching me in the SPA center while I am writing on my laptop:) Thanks God I got an IT husband)

I will not comment as much the R2 session because I feel it is not my best one. The jet lag, the fairy of the demos, almost everything was against me during that one hour 🙂 But I hope my audience forgave me, taking the main point I wanted to give them - the feeling of what is coming, what to expect as a trends, not just showing some cool features.

My slides from MS Days 2010:

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  1. Doncho says:

    Magi, you were great. Yes, I know it’s something everyone expects now, but still – you *were* great!

    I did not had the chance to attend most of the sessions, but I got sooo much feedback, and they just confirmed what I already knew anyway.

    Keep up the good work, girl! I’m so much glad I have you as a colleague just a few desks away! Although you made me now a bit jelous with these SPA+pool+wireless stuff… nevertheless, you deserve it!

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