My ZDNet Interview

As probably many of you noticed I was kind of exposed to the public in the past couple of months trough lot of interviews and events. I could say I like it. It is so nice to share your thoughts, your motivation drivers, your path as a person and professional, and to have a chance to send a message to people that want to hear from you.

Last but not least it is so enjoying to meet people not part of the usual technical community you you work with. Mary-Jo Foley is one of those impressive persons that can energize you from the very first contact. She will get you out from your comfort zone trying to hear beyond your words. It is a challenge and a great pleasure to talk with her. As one of my colleagues said: “Mary-Jo is an Institution, one of the last remaining truly IT journalists. Her book “Microsoft 2.0” is a must-read (and must-not-agree-with :))”

I am so proud to present you the result of my contact with Mary-Jo:

Margarita Naumova: Microsoft Women Worth Watching;content


It is so nice, thank you Mary-Jo!

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