Building Predictive Maintenance Solutions with Azure ML – Webinar Summary

This blog post is authored by Yan Zhang, Data Scientist at Microsoft. Last month, we hosted an advanced analytics webinar on building predictive maintenance solutions. This blog post is a summary of the same. Predictive Maintenance: IoT vs. Traditional Predictive maintenance has been gaining attention lately because of the increased interest around Internet of Things… Read more

Free Webinar: Energy Forecasting in Smart Grids

Demand forecasting is a critical task for the energy industry. Building a reliable forecasting mechanism, however, presents huge challenges, requiring major investments in data collection, storage, model building, data flow automation and more. The recently announced Cortana Analytics Suite from Microsoft provides multiple services – including Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory,… Read more

Free Webinar: Building Predictive Maintenance Solutions with Azure ML

Predictive maintenance is a technique to predict when a machine will fail, so that maintenance can be planned for in advance. The concept applies to a very wide range of applications. This webinar will walk you through a real-world example of how to formulate a failure prediction problem in Azure ML and deploy the same… Read more

Free Webinar: Azure ML for Software Engineers

Specifically targeted at software engineers, this session is designed to demystify ML and data science, help you understand key concepts and tap into the power of cloud machine learning. We will build an end-to-end solution to an ML problem as part of this session – we will select an algorithm, create an ML model, deploy… Read more

Free Webinar: Intro to Azure Stream Analytics

Learn about one of the cool technologies powering the viral demo. If you aren’t among the tens of millions who have tried that demo, essentially it lets you upload a picture and have it analyzed by the Face API – available on the Azure ML Gallery – to predict the age and gender of… Read more

Free Webinar: Creating Text Analytics Solutions in Azure ML

The goal of text classification is to categorize pieces of text into one or more predefined categories. Text classification has many applications in the real world, for instance, categorizing news articles into topics, organizing web pages into hierarchical categories, filtering email spam, performing sentiment analysis, predicting users’ intent from their search queries, routing customer support… Read more

Free Webinar Tue Apr 14 – The Azure ML Marketplace

The Azure ML Marketplace fulfils our team’s vision of making data science more accessible to everyone – even those without a data science background – by providing turnkey solutions that allow you to incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning into your ideas and applications. This webinar discusses some end-to-end solutions offered on the Marketplace today, including… Read more

Free Webinar Tomorrow: Building Predictive Models with Large Datasets

Predictive analytics problems often involve large datasets that aren’t manageable on a single local client or even a server machine. This webinar will use the public NYC taxi ride dataset to discuss how to store, manipulate and analyze such large data sets using Azure storage, HDInsight (Hadoop) and Azure ML. We will use the new… Read more

Free Webinar Tomorrow: The Cloud Data Science Process

At this webinar, Microsoft Data Scientists will demonstrate the end-to-end data science process in the cloud using Python, R, a range of Azure cloud technologies, SQL Server, IPython Notebook and more. The process will start from raw data and ends at the point where we have a ready-to-consume web service API of an ML model… Read more

Free Webinar: An Overview of the New Capabilities in Azure Machine Learning

We are pleased to bring you a free webinar where we will explore the numerous new capabilities we have introduced in the recently release GA version of Azure ML. This session will be full of examples and demos. There will be time for Q&A as well. The webinar will occur tomorrow, Tuesday March 3rd, at… Read more