Free Microsoft Webinar on Interactive Price Analytics, Now Available on Azure

Join us for a free Microsoft webinar on Interactive Price Analytics and learn more about this fascinating topic. At the end of it, you will be able to use our new solution right out-of-the-box, or work with a Microsoft solution partner to you customize the solution further, to meet your business specific needs. The webinar… Read more

Free Webinar: Azure Data Lake – The Scalable & Secure Big Data Store

The Azure Data Lake Store is a hyper scale repository for enterprises to securely build cloud-based data lakes. In this session, we will show you how the HDFS compatibility of the Azure Data Lake Store seamlessly enables analytics workloads and provides great agility and security. From ingesting large volumes of data to storing them in… Read more

Free Webinar: Best Practices for using Microsoft R Server with Hadoop

R is the world’s most widely used programming language for data analysis, and Hadoop is a fast growing infrastructure for storing and manipulating extremely large datasets. In this free webinar we will discuss how Microsoft R Server can be used with Hadoop, and several best practices on using these technologies in conjunction, including installation, software… Read more

Free Webinar: U-SQL for Big Data – A Definitive Guide

When Microsoft introduced the Azure Data Lake, we included a new language, U-SQL, to make Big Data processing easy. U-SQL unifies the declarative power of SQL and the extensibility of C# to make writing custom processing of Big Data easy. It also unifies processing over all data – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – and queries… Read more

Free Webinar: Introduction to Microsoft R Open

Here’s your opportunity to learn all about R, the lingua franca of data science, now ranked #6 in popularity among all programming languages. This webinar will cover the history of R, how it’s used and why it’s so popular in analytics applications. We'll introduce the R language and community, and give examples of R in… Read more

Free Webinar: What is Azure Data Lake?

Big Data and Data Warehousing are at the core of any data platform discussion these days. Tune into this free webinar to learn about building end-to-end Big Data solutions using Azure Data Lake, a new offering that’s a critical element of the Microsoft data platform story and part of the Cortana Analytics Suite. Join the… Read more

Free Webinar: Using the Cortana Analytics Process to Build Intelligent Apps

Join us at this demo-rich session next Tuesday, November 10th, to learn about the Cortana Analytics Process, a systematic approach to data science that helps you understand raw data and transform it into intelligent insights and actions. We will walk you through a real-world dataset, show you how to use JuPyter notebooks to explore the… Read more

Free Webinar: Predictive Analytics for Sales & Marketing

As sales and marketing become increasingly data-driven functions, big data and machine learning are playing an outsized and disruptive role. Until recently, companies would learn about their customers by analyzing their internal transactional data. Today, companies have big data warehouses gathering massive amounts of web and social data that lets them learn a whole lot… Read more

Free Webinar: Predict Customer Churn Using Cortana Analytics Suite

With the explosion of digital data, it is becoming possible to predict with good accuracy which customers are most likely to leave your service, and to understand what the key contributing factors are. In this session, learn how to build a real-life churn model using Azure ML, how to make it enterprise-ready with Azure Data… Read more