Azure Machine Learning Packages for Vision, Text and Forecasting in Public Preview

This post is authored by Matt Conners, Principal Program Manager, and Neta Haiby, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. Earlier today, at Build 2018, we made a set of Azure AI Platform announcements, including the public preview release of Azure Machine Learning Packages for Computer Vision, Text Analytics, and Forecasting. The Azure Machine Learning Packages are… Read more

Conversational Retail Bots, E-Commerce Fraud Protection & More – Powered By Microsoft AI

A peek at selective new customers benefiting from Microsoft AI and Machine Learning. Cami Boosts Customer Engagement at Dixons Carphone Based in the United Kingdom, Dixons Carphone is a major electronics retailer employing over 42,000 people in 11 countries, and providing consumers with products and services that help them lead seamlessly connected lives at home,… Read more

Bringing AI to BI – Text Analytics in Azure Machine Learning

This post is authored by Sudarshan Raghunathan, Principal Software Engineering Manager, Darren Edge, UX Architect, and Jonathan Larson, Principal Data Architect, at Microsoft. Azure Machine Learning Studio provides a Swiss-army knife of tools to operate on text datasets in a robust and efficient manner. For instance, there is a suite of built-in modules for lower-level… Read more

Text Mining to Improve the Health of Millions of Citizens

By Kenji Takeda, Director of Azure for Research at Microsoft. Doctors face daily decisions about the best care for their patients, and their own clinical experience can be enhanced using evidence-based medicine, such as through clinical trial data. As David Tovey, Editor-in-Chief, Cochrane, explained, “Before evidence-based medicine came along, people were reliant on the expertise… Read more

Text Analytics API Now Available in Multiple Languages

This post is authored by Ollie Newth, Program Manager at Microsoft. Although text often contains highly valuable data for companies, extracting meaningful data from it can be a challenge. The field of text analytics utilizes natural language processing to extract meaningful structured data from text, and often includes areas such as sentiment analysis, entity recognition… Read more

Free Webinar: Creating Text Analytics Solutions in Azure ML

The goal of text classification is to categorize pieces of text into one or more predefined categories. Text classification has many applications in the real world, for instance, categorizing news articles into topics, organizing web pages into hierarchical categories, filtering email spam, performing sentiment analysis, predicting users’ intent from their search queries, routing customer support… Read more

Introducing Text Analytics in the Azure ML Marketplace

This blog post is authored by Nagender Parimi, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Understanding and analyzing unstructured text is an increasingly popular field and includes a wide spectrum of problems such as sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, topic modeling/extraction, aspect extraction and more. In that context, we are excited to announce the launch of a new… Read more

Machine Learning and Text Analytics

The following post is from Dr. Ashok Chandra, Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research and Dhyanesh Narayanan, Program Manager at Microsoft Research When I (Ashok) was a student at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the 70’s, there was great optimism that human-level machine intelligence was just around the corner. Well, it is still just around the… Read more