Accelerating Business Transformation with Cortana Intelligence Solution Templates

Earlier today, Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Data Group, announced a set of new Cortana Intelligence solution templates as part of his keynote address at the Microsoft Data Amp event. Cortana Intelligence solution templates give customers the means to rapidly conceive and implement their big data, machine learning and analytics projects. Technical implementers can… Read more

Machine Learning Templates with SQL Server 2016 R Services

By Xinwei Xue, Senior Data Scientist Manager Microsoft recently launched SQL Server 2016, which, in addition to many other great features, offers in-database advanced analytics with R Services, allowing users to combine the power of SQL Server and Microsoft R Server (or Open Source R), without data leaving the database. With SQL Server R Services,… Read more

New Template for Retail Customer Churn Prediction

This post is authored by Xinwei Xue, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft. We are pleased to announce the availability of our newest template, for retail customer churn prediction. This is the latest addition to our existing set of templates which include online fraud detection, retail forecasting, text classification and predictive maintenance. The term customer churn,… Read more

Building Predictive Maintenance Solutions with Azure ML – Webinar Summary

This blog post is authored by Yan Zhang, Data Scientist at Microsoft. Last month, we hosted an advanced analytics webinar on building predictive maintenance solutions. This blog post is a summary of the same. Predictive Maintenance: IoT vs. Traditional Predictive maintenance has been gaining attention lately because of the increased interest around Internet of Things… Read more

New Predictive Maintenance Template in Azure ML

This blog post is authored by Yan Zhang, Data Scientist at Microsoft. Following the publishing of three Azure ML template solutions for online Fraud Detection, Retail Forecasting, and Text Classification, we are now pleased to announce that the Predictive Maintenance template is now available in Azure ML.   Predictive maintenance encompasses a variety of areas but… Read more

Azure ML Text Classification Template

This blog post is authored by Mohamed Abdel-Hady, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft. Automatic text classification – also known as text tagging or text categorization – is a part of the text analytics domain. Its goal is to assign a piece of unstructured text to one or more classes from a predefined set of categories…. Read more

Exciting New Templates in Azure ML!

This post is by Xinwei Xue, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft We are excited to announce the availability of three new templates in Azure ML Studio – for online fraud detection, retail forecasting and text classification. Templates are different from Azure ML sample experiments – they demonstrate industry best practices and common building blocks used… Read more