Announcing R Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio 2015

This post is authored by Shahrokh Mortazavi, Partner Director of Program Management at Microsoft. I’m delighted to announce the General Availability of R Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio 2015 (RTVS). This release will be shortly followed by R Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio 2017 in early May. RTVS is a free and open source plug-in… Read more

Retail Customer Churn Prediction: How-To Guide Now Available

This post is authored by Lixun Zhang, Data Scientist, Daisy Deng, Software Engineer, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, at Microsoft. Predicting customer churn rate is among the most sought-after machine learning and analytics applications for retail stores, and of high value to companies that are eager to take advantage of the ever-increasing amounts… Read more

Add Intelligence to Any SQL App, with the Power of Deep Learning

Re-posted from the SQL Server blog. Recent results and applications involving Deep Learning have proven to be incredibly promising, and across a diverse set of areas too, including speech recognition, language understanding, computer vision and more. Deep Learning is changing customer expectations and experiences around a variety of products and mobile apps, whether we’re aware… Read more

Hello 2017, and Recap of Top 10 Posts of 2016

As we kick off what will surely be another very exciting year of progress in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, we start with a quick recap of our “Top 10” most popular posts (based on aggregate readership) from the year just concluded. Here are the posts that had the most page views in… Read more

Singapore Machine Learning & Data Science Summit – Recap

This post is authored by Tamarai G V, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. Singapore has started to embrace the many benefits of digital transformation, and data plays a central role in this process. From using non-traditional indicators such as electricity consumption and public transportation to monitor the economy to helping the government improve the… Read more

R Tools for Visual Studio 0.5

This post is authored by Shahrokh Mortazavi, Team Lead, Data Science Tools. We’re delighted to announce the availability of RTVS 0.5. Key updates in this release include: Integrated support for SQL and SQL Stored Procedures. Multiple plot windows, plot history with plot thumbnails for navigation. General improvements and bug fixes. SQL Integration SQL databases are… Read more

Building & Understanding Predictive Maintenance Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

This post is by Rahee Ghosh, a Program Manager in the Data Group at Microsoft. We are pleased to announce the availability of new resources on GitHub to help businesses in the aerospace industry better understand their opportunities to benefit from advanced analytics solutions for predictive maintenance. These predictive maintenance solutions, creating using the Cortana… Read more

Energy Demand Forecasting Template Using SQL Server R Services

This post is by Hong Lu, a Data Scientist in Microsoft’s Data Group. Demand forecasting is an important scenario encountered by companies across different industries. Being able to accurately forecast demand helps companies get better at production planning and resource allocation, and also supports their strategic business decision-making. In particular, in the energy sector, demand… Read more

Machine Learning Templates with SQL Server 2016 R Services

By Xinwei Xue, Senior Data Scientist Manager Microsoft recently launched SQL Server 2016, which, in addition to many other great features, offers in-database advanced analytics with R Services, allowing users to combine the power of SQL Server and Microsoft R Server (or Open Source R), without data leaving the database. With SQL Server R Services,… Read more