Retail Customer Churn Prediction: How-To Guide Now Available

This post is authored by Lixun Zhang, Data Scientist, Daisy Deng, Software Engineer, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, at Microsoft. Predicting customer churn rate is among the most sought-after machine learning and analytics applications for retail stores, and of high value to companies that are eager to take advantage of the ever-increasing amounts… Read more

Revolutionizing Retail Through Personalization and Advanced Analytics – Free White Paper & Webinar

The way people shop has changed considerably in recent years. These days, people comparison shop on the go, receive promotional deals at their fingertips, and all get the information they need to make buying decisions in near real time. If you are in the retail business, you need to get ahead of the curve and… Read more

New Template for Retail Customer Churn Prediction

This post is authored by Xinwei Xue, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft. We are pleased to announce the availability of our newest template, for retail customer churn prediction. This is the latest addition to our existing set of templates which include online fraud detection, retail forecasting, text classification and predictive maintenance. The term customer churn,… Read more