Optimizing Project Staffing to Improve Profitability with Cortana Intelligence

This post is by Francesca Lazzeri and Hong Lu, Data Scientists, and Ilan Reiter, Principal Data Science Manager, at Microsoft. Introduction and Business Domain Recent advancements in machine learning and big data technologies are allowing companies to apply better staffing strategies by taking advantage of historical data. Ensuring that the right people get assigned to… Read more

Retail Customer Churn Prediction: How-To Guide Now Available

This post is authored by Lixun Zhang, Data Scientist, Daisy Deng, Software Engineer, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, at Microsoft. Predicting customer churn rate is among the most sought-after machine learning and analytics applications for retail stores, and of high value to companies that are eager to take advantage of the ever-increasing amounts… Read more

Home Appliances, Vending Machines – Even Cruise Ships – Get an Infusion of Cortana Intelligence & Machine Learning

A quick overview of recent customer case studies involving the application of Microsoft’s AI, Big Data & Machine Learning offerings. Carnival Maritime Predicts Water Consumption on Cruise Ships The Costa Group’s fleet of 26 cruise ships sail all over the world. The industrial equipment on their ships have thousands of sensors that collect data in… Read more

How Adobe, Dallas Zoo and Financial Fabric Are Using Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Azure Data Platform

A montage of recent customer use cases, demonstrating the range of capabilities of Microsoft’s AI, Big Data & Advanced Analytics offerings. Adobe Helps Customers Break the Language Barrier Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enterprise content management platform that helps large and mid-size companies manage their web content, digital assets, online communities and more. Digital… Read more

Free Online Workshop on Cortana Intelligence Suite: Register Now!

Get Live, Step-by-Step Guidance from Microsoft Experts This post is authored by Matthew Calder, Senior Content Developer at Microsoft. Join us on Microsoft Virtual Academy on Tuesday December 6th 2016, from 9AM – 4PM Pacific, for an exciting look at the Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS), and end your day with a fully working intelligent web… Read more

Journalists Use Surface Hub & Power BI to Pioneer New Era in Reporting

Re-posted from the Microsoft Transform blog. Puget Sound voters were the first in the nation to get a real-time, in-depth look at their local civic process, as Seattle broadcaster KING 5 harnessed new technology to bring data visualization to TV and computer screens, heralding a new era for political reporting on a local level. The… Read more

Power BI and Azure ML – Better Together

Reposted from the Power BI blog We’ve seen lots of interest in the community to visualize the output of an Azure ML model using Power BI. What’s more, if one could operationalize Azure ML models through the Power BI service, that would be even more awesome. You could then have Power BI surface the latest… Read more

Setting Up Predictive Analytics Pipelines Using Azure SQL Data Warehouse

This post is by Robert Alexander, Solution Architect in the Data Group at Microsoft. Big data is big and getting bigger. Better get used to a whole new set of prefixes beyond peta such as exa, zetta, and yotta. The total amount of data is projected to increase to about 50 zettabytes by 2020, as… Read more

Ten Things You Can Do on the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine

Posted by Gopi Kumar, Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft Data Group. In November last year, we announced the availability of the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM), an operating system image we published in the Azure Marketplace with a host of popular data science tools pre-installed and pre-configured. In January this year, we updated… Read more

Business Analysts: Register for the Microsoft Data Insights Summit

The Microsoft Data Insights Summit is the event for business analysts to get answers, explore tools, and talk shop with the experts on Excel and Power BI. The Summit takes place in Bellevue, WA on March 22-23. Register Now The keynote presenter will be Nate Silver, whose book The Signal and The Noise: Why Most… Read more