Announcing Data Science Utilities Version 0.11, for the Team Data Science Process

This post is authored by Hang Zhang, Senior Data Scientist Manager, Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager, and Xibin Gao, Data Scientist, at Microsoft. Back in September 2016, we released an early public preview of Team Data Science Process (TDSP), with the goal of supporting secure collaboration within enterprise data science organizations, with capabilities such as… Read more

Predictive Maintenance Modelling Guide in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery

This post is authored by Fidan Boylu Uz, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft. Predictive Maintenance is among the most sought-after advanced analytics applications, and is increasingly viewed as a life-saver in asset-heavy industries such as manufacturing and aerospace because of its potential to deliver significant cost reductions through the avoidance of downtime and delays caused… Read more

Jupyter Notebooks with R in Azure ML Studio

This post is authored by Andrie de Vries, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Introduction Azure ML Studio is a powerful canvas for the composition of machine learning experiments and their subsequent operationalization and consumption. In addition to experiments, Azure ML Studio also contains Jupyter notebooks, but until now the notebook kernels have been restricted to Python… Read more

Notebook to check when Python 3 will be better supported than Python 2

Do you use Python 3 for your development? Python 3 has been out for over 7 years now, so, if you are not using it yet – well, why not? We’d love to know. Since the initial release of Python 3 in December 2008, it seems like the new version of Python has lived in… Read more

Python Notebooks in the Cortana Analytics Gallery

Posted by the Cortana Analytics Gallery Team at Microsoft We are super excited to announce the addition of Python notebooks to the Cortana Analytics Gallery. Overview Jupyter notebooks (formerly IPython) provide a highly productive canvas for data scientists and developers to explore ideas. At its heart, Jupyter is a multi-lingual REPL (Read, Eval, print and… Read more

Publishing Azure ML Web Services From Jupyter Notebooks

This post is authored by Raymond Laghaeian, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. Azure ML lets you build and deploy web services that expose machine learning models as RESTful APIs. With the release of the Azure ML APIs through the Python SDK, we bring the ease of publishing predictive web services to Jupyter (formerly IPython). Using… Read more

Introducing Jupyter Notebooks in Azure ML Studio

Posted by Shahrokh Mortazavi, Partner Director of Program Management at Microsoft. Azure ML Studio is a powerful canvas for the composition of machine learning experiments and their subsequent operationalization and consumption. Although the Studio provides an easy to use, yet powerful, drag-drop style of creating experiments, you sometimes need a good old “REPL” to have a… Read more