Free Webinar: Using LifeData® APIs on Azure ML for Marketing Analytics

At this webinar, Chris Maty, CEO of Versium, a Microsoft partner, will discuss their LifeData® APIs and why they made them available on the Azure Marketplace. LifeData® delivers deep customer insights that help marketers with targeting, customer acquisition, segmentation, messaging, cross selling, and churn reduction. Join us to learn more, click here or on the… Read more

Free Webinar Tue Apr 14 – The Azure ML Marketplace

The Azure ML Marketplace fulfils our team’s vision of making data science more accessible to everyone – even those without a data science background – by providing turnkey solutions that allow you to incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning into your ideas and applications. This webinar discusses some end-to-end solutions offered on the Marketplace today, including… Read more

Introducing Text Analytics in the Azure ML Marketplace

This blog post is authored by Nagender Parimi, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Understanding and analyzing unstructured text is an increasingly popular field and includes a wide spectrum of problems such as sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, topic modeling/extraction, aspect extraction and more. In that context, we are excited to announce the launch of a new… Read more

Anomaly Detection – Using Machine Learning to Detect Abnormalities in Time Series Data

This post was co-authored by Vijay K Narayanan, Partner Director of Software Engineering at the Azure Machine Learning team at Microsoft. Introduction Anomaly Detection is the problem of finding patterns in data that do not conform to a model of “normal” behavior. Detecting such deviations from expected behavior in temporal data is important for ensuring… Read more

Video – Joseph Sirosh Interview with theCUBE at BigDataNYC 2014

Joseph Sirosh was recently interviewed in NYC by Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick on theCube. He covers a lot of ground including suggestions for aspiring data scientists, the great opportunity on the Azure marketplace and also the future of machine learning and Azure ML Check out the video below. ML Blog Team… Read more

Web Services and Marketplaces Create a New Data Science Economy

This blog post is authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Machine Learning at Microsoft. Yesterday, at Strata + Hadoop World, we announced the expansion of our data services with support of real-time analytics for Apache Hadoop in Azure HDInsight and new machine learning (ML) capabilities in the Azure Marketplace. Today, I would like… Read more