Free Webinar: What is Azure Data Lake?

Big Data and Data Warehousing are at the core of any data platform discussion these days. Tune into this free webinar to learn about building end-to-end Big Data solutions using Azure Data Lake, a new offering that’s a critical element of the Microsoft data platform story and part of the Cortana Analytics Suite. Join the… Read more

Using Azure ML to Build Clickthrough Prediction Models

This blog post is by Girish Nathan, a Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft. Ad click prediction is a multi-billion dollar industry, and one that is still growing rapidly. In this post, we build ML models on the largest publicly available ad click prediction dataset, from Criteo. The Criteo dataset consists of some 4.4 billion advertising… Read more

Cortana Analytics Workshop – Decks, Videos & More

For those of you who missed it, the first Cortana Analytics Workshop, held in Redmond last month, was a smashing success. The sold-out event saw attendees from over 300 companies and 35 different countries, including many Microsoft System Integrator (SI) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners. In this post we capture a flavor of the event… Read more

Behind the Scenes of Azure Data Lake: Bringing Microsoft’s Big Data Experience to Hadoop

Originally posted on the Microsoft Azure blog by Raghu Ramakrishnan, Technical Fellow on the Microsoft Data Platform team. Microsoft just announced the Azure Data Lake, a set of big data storage and analytics services let you perform all types of processing and analytics on data of any size or shape and across multiple platforms and… Read more

Microsoft Closes Acquisition of Revolution Analytics

This blog post is authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft. Earlier this year we announced our intent to acquire Revolution Analytics and today I’m happy to say we have closed the acquisition agreement. It is my pleasure to welcome the Revolution team to Microsoft. Together we… Read more

Free Webinar Tomorrow: Building Predictive Models with Large Datasets

Predictive analytics problems often involve large datasets that aren’t manageable on a single local client or even a server machine. This webinar will use the public NYC taxi ride dataset to discuss how to store, manipulate and analyze such large data sets using Azure storage, HDInsight (Hadoop) and Azure ML. We will use the new… Read more

Weekend reading – 3 recent stories

Three new stories about Microsoft ML and Advanced Analytics.   1. Fueling the Oil and Gas industry with IoT The oil and gas industry’s supply chain starts in some of world’s most remote areas and serves consumers globally in all the places where the finished product gets consumed. The industry depends on complex and expensive equipment… Read more

Machine Learning Summer School at CMU

This blog post is authored by Markus Weimer, Principal Scientist at Microsoft Eight years ago, I made the 24-hour journey from my college town of Darmstadt, Germany, to Canberra, Australia to attend a Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS) there. Why, you might ask? At the time, I didn’t have a good answer myself, to be… Read more