Video – Joseph Sirosh Interview with theCUBE at BigDataNYC 2014

Joseph Sirosh was recently interviewed in NYC by Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick on theCube. He covers a lot of ground including suggestions for aspiring data scientists, the great opportunity on the Azure marketplace and also the future of machine learning and Azure ML Check out the video below. ML Blog Team… Read more

Video – Joseph Sirosh Keynote: "A New Data Science Economy" at Strata + Hadoop 2014

Be sure to check out Joseph’s keynote talk below, under 10 minutes long, summarizing how, in the emerging new Data Science Economy, data scientists are able to monetize their skills – at scale, in the cloud – just like app developers have been able to do for several years now. Joseph blogged about this topic… Read more

Web Services and Marketplaces Create a New Data Science Economy

This blog post is authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Machine Learning at Microsoft. Yesterday, at Strata + Hadoop World, we announced the expansion of our data services with support of real-time analytics for Apache Hadoop in Azure HDInsight and new machine learning (ML) capabilities in the Azure Marketplace. Today, I would like… Read more

Exploration: Data Science… with Mario Garzia

This blog post is authored by Mario Garzia, Partner Data Sciences Architect, Technology and Research Data Science and “big data” have become 21st century buzzwords in the tech industry. Yet in many ways the term “Big Data” is relative to our ability to collect, store and process data. Big data challenges are not new, historically… Read more