What Is Your Data Science Super Power?

This post is authored by Wee Hyong Tok, Senior Data Scientist Manager, and Danielle Dean, Senior Data Scientist Lead, at Microsoft. Wee and Danielle are speakers at the upcoming Microsoft Data Science Summit on September 26-27 in Atlanta, GA. How do businesses and data scientists turn raw data into intelligent action? Why do some companies… Read more

ICYMI: How to Do Data Science

In case you missed it: Earlier this year, Brandon Rohrer, Senior Data Scientist in the Data Group at Microsoft, published a popular blog post titled How to Do Data Science. Brandon is one of our speakers at the upcoming Microsoft Data Science Summit, a two-day intensive event for data scientists, big data engineers, ML practitioners… Read more

Register Now for the First Microsoft Data Science Summit

Posted by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of the Data Group at Microsoft. I am super excited about the very first Microsoft Data Science Summit, to be held in Atlanta on September 26-27, 2016, and invite all data scientists, big data engineers and machine learning practitioners among you to attend. The Summit – which features… Read more

Contribute to Women’s Health Outcomes Via New Data Science Competition

By Charis Loveland, Senior Program Manager for Cortana Intelligence Competitions in the Data Group at Microsoft   According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report released in 2011, about 820,000 women and men aged 15-24 were newly infected with HIV in developing countries. Over 60% of these were women. Among so many other challenges, developing countries… Read more

Announcing Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts Preview

Posted by Lance Olson, Partner Director of Program Management in the Data Group at Microsoft. Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts preview is an end-to-end consulting program that brings the power of Microsoft’s unique corpus of social, search and web data to let customers enrich and augment their Cortana Intelligence Suite solutions resulting in more accurate… Read more

New Bing APIs Now Available for Purchase – Search, Autosuggest, Spell Check

Re-posted from the Bing Developers Blog. Starting today, the new Bing Search API portfolio is available for purchase as a Microsoft Azure Marketplace offering. Developers worldwide  can now build intelligent apps that have instant access to search technologies developed over decades of research at Microsoft. These APIs tap into the same underlying Microsoft Cognitive Services that… Read more

Predictive Analysis for Telecom – Integrating Azure Data Lake and Azure ML

This post is authored by Daisy Deng, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Big data is not just a buzz word; it’s a reality. As data volumes have exploded in recent past, so have solutions to store and process the data, along with the number of formats to describe the data. Data formats are not just limited… Read more

Text Analytics API Now Available in Multiple Languages

This post is authored by Ollie Newth, Program Manager at Microsoft. Although text often contains highly valuable data for companies, extracting meaningful data from it can be a challenge. The field of text analytics utilizes natural language processing to extract meaningful structured data from text, and often includes areas such as sentiment analysis, entity recognition… Read more

Developing the Next Wave of Data Scientists

This post is by Chirag Dhull, Product Marketing Manager for Advanced Analytics at Microsoft. It’s no secret that there’s a vast trove of benefits that data science can offer to organizations of all stripes. However, we simultaneously face a situation where there is a global shortage of data science talent. As Patrick Wolfe, Deputy Director… Read more

Building & Understanding Predictive Maintenance Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

This post is by Rahee Ghosh, a Program Manager in the Data Group at Microsoft. We are pleased to announce the availability of new resources on GitHub to help businesses in the aerospace industry better understand their opportunities to benefit from advanced analytics solutions for predictive maintenance. These predictive maintenance solutions, creating using the Cortana… Read more