Announcing the General Availability of Azure Data Catalog

This post is authored by Julie Strauss, Principal Group Program Manager in the Data Group at Microsoft. We are very excited to announce the upcoming* general availability of Azure Data Catalog, the latest addition to the big data and advanced analytics services included in Cortana Analytics Suite. Data Catalog is an enterprise metadata repository that… Read more

Microsoft Makes Big Data and Analytics Easier in the Cloud

This post is by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of the Data Group at Microsoft. This week I’m joining thousands of people attending Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose to explore the technology and business of big data and data science. As part of our participation in the conference, we are announcing several important… Read more

Microsoft and Cognizant Expand Strategic Alliance

This post is by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of the Data Group at Microsoft. I am excited to announce that Microsoft and Cognizant are expanding their strategic alliance to bring the power of cloud analytics and big data to customers through Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite and Cognizant’s BigDecisions Platform. Cognizant’s new advanced analytics platform… Read more

Predictive Maintenance for Aerospace – A Cortana Analytics Solution Template

This post is authored by Danielle Dean, Senior Data Scientist Lead at Microsoft. The aerospace industry involves many complex challenges including intricate logistics and lends itself to several very impactful applications that involve connecting assets and devices through the Internet of Things and deriving actionable insights from deep analytics. The combination of IoT and advanced… Read more

Bloomberg Article on Azure ML and Cortana Analytics

Reposted from Bloomberg ran this article today, about the ever-widening influence of machine learning in Microsoft’s internal operations as well as in its products. The article goes on to talk about how the company is sparking conversations with customers, helping educate them about all the myriad use cases that could greatly benefit from this… Read more

Channel 9 Video Update – Azure Data Lake and U-SQL

In this “Data Exposed” episode on Channel 9, Saveen Reddy and Michael Rys, Principal Program Managers in the Data Group, share a “state of the union” update on Azure Data Lake and U-SQL. They talk about current adoption and usage of these new services, including some of the feedback we have been receiving from customers…. Read more

Cortana Analytics Helps Insurer If P&C Tackle Big Data Analytics Workload

This post is co-authored by Katherine Lin, Data Scientist, Trond Brande, Principal Solutions Specialist, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, at Microsoft.  Data has been an important part of the insurance industry for centuries, but the emergence of big data has brought unprecedented challenges to insurers around the world. Today, insurance companies large and… Read more

Python Notebooks in the Cortana Analytics Gallery

Posted by the Cortana Analytics Gallery Team at Microsoft We are super excited to announce the addition of Python notebooks to the Cortana Analytics Gallery. Overview Jupyter notebooks (formerly IPython) provide a highly productive canvas for data scientists and developers to explore ideas. At its heart, Jupyter is a multi-lingual REPL (Read, Eval, print and… Read more

Machine Learning Challenge at the Imagine Cup

This post is authored by Chirag Dhull, Product Marketing Manager, and Wee Hyong Tok, Senior Program Manager, at Microsoft. Calling all student data science aspirants: Microsoft has launched an online Cortana Analytics Suite challenge as part of the Imagine Cup “Hello Cloud” contest. Imagine Cup, one of Microsoft’s premier student technology programs, provides a variety of… Read more

Guidelines for Publishing to the Cortana Analytics Gallery

In a previous blog post, we talked about how the Cortana Analytics Gallery offers our community of data scientists and developers a place where they can discover and share advanced analytics solutions created using the Cortana Analytics Suite. The Gallery steadily continues to grow each day, with over 886 published entities now. So why publish… Read more