Microsoft expands availability of Project Oxford intelligent services

Posted by Ryan Galgon, Senior Program Manager in the Technology & Research group at Microsoft. Earlier this year, we announced Project Oxford, a set of APIs, SDKS and services available to developers to make their applications more intelligent, engaging and discoverable. Project Oxford expands upon Microsoft’s portfolio of machine learning APIs and enables developers to… Read more

Who’s Your Doppelganger? #TwinsOrNotRobot Will Tell You

Often hear you look just like someone else? Or you just know you look like a certain celebrity? Now you can just ask #TwinsOrNotRobot and find out for yourself! A few weeks ago we introduced TwinsOrNot as a demo at //build/tour. The site lets you select any two photos, compare the faces and provides you… Read more

Fun with ML, Stream Analytics and PowerBI – Observing Virality in Real Time

This post is authored by Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian, Engineers in Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft. To subscribe to this blog, click here. Updated 5/2/2015 We’ve had some questions so we updated this post to be more clear. To answer the top one: No we don’t store photos, we don’t share them… Read more