Lessons Learned From Benchmarking Fast Machine Learning Algorithms

This post is authored by Miguel Fierro, Data Scientist, Mathew Salvaris, Data Scientist, Guolin Ke, Associate Researcher, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Science Manager, all at Microsoft. Boosted decision trees are responsible for more than half of the winning solutions in machine learning challenges hosted at Kaggle, according to KDNuggets. In addition to superior performance,… Read more

Microsoft Machine Learning Hackathon 2014

This blog post is authored by Ran Gilad-Bachrach, a Researcher with the Machine Learning Group in Microsoft Research. Earlier this summer, we had our first broad internal machine learning (ML) hackathon at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. One aspect of this hackathon was a one-day competition, the goal of which was to work in teams… Read more

From Stumps to Trees to Forests

This blog post is authored by Chris Burges, Principal Research Manager at Microsoft Research, Redmond. In my last post we looked at how machine learning (ML) provides us with adaptive learning systems that can solve a wide variety of industrial strength problems, using Web search as a case study. In this post I will describe… Read more