Deep Learning Without Labels

Announcing new open source contributions to the Apache Spark community for creating deep, distributed, object detectors – without a single human-generated label This post is authored by members of the Microsoft ML for Apache Spark Team – Mark Hamilton, Minsoo Thigpen, Abhiram Eswaran, Ari Green, Courtney Cochrane, Janhavi Suresh Mahajan, Karthik Rajendran, Sudarshan Raghunathan, and… Read more

“Snip Insights” – An Open Source Cross-Platform AI Tool for Intelligent Screen Capture

This post is authored by Tara Shankar Jana, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. What if we could infuse AI into the everyday tools we use, to delight everyday users? With just a little bit of creativity – and the power of the Microsoft AI platform behind us – it’s now become easier than… Read more

Bringing AI to BI – Text Analytics in Azure Machine Learning

This post is authored by Sudarshan Raghunathan, Principal Software Engineering Manager, Darren Edge, UX Architect, and Jonathan Larson, Principal Data Architect, at Microsoft. Azure Machine Learning Studio provides a Swiss-army knife of tools to operate on text datasets in a robust and efficient manner. For instance, there is a suite of built-in modules for lower-level… Read more

Announcing Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts Preview

Posted by Lance Olson, Partner Director of Program Management in the Data Group at Microsoft. Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts preview is an end-to-end consulting program that brings the power of Microsoft’s unique corpus of social, search and web data to let customers enrich and augment their Cortana Intelligence Suite solutions resulting in more accurate… Read more

New Bing APIs Now Available for Purchase – Search, Autosuggest, Spell Check

Re-posted from the Bing Developers Blog. Starting today, the new Bing Search API portfolio is available for purchase as a Microsoft Azure Marketplace offering. Developers worldwide  can now build intelligent apps that have instant access to search technologies developed over decades of research at Microsoft. These APIs tap into the same underlying Microsoft Cognitive Services that… Read more

Microsoft's Bing prediction engine correctly predicts all six top Oscars 2015 winners

As reported by The Verge, the Microsoft Bing prediction engine – which has had great success in the past at predicting the World Cup, English soccer results and NFL games – successfully predicted the best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, supporting actor and actress out of the top awards for the 2015 Oscars…. Read more

Bing brings the world’s knowledge to your Office documents

Imagine your child is writing a report about Abraham Lincoln, they just started and so far they’ve typed: “Lincoln was the 16th president of United States. He was born in…” but then realize they’ve forgotten when Honest Abe was born. Ordinarily, they would have to leave Word, open a browser window, search for “Lincoln” –… Read more

How Bing Algorithms Incorporate Content Quality to Improve the Ranking of Search Results

Re-post of an article that appeared today on The Role of Content Quality in Bing Ranking Millions of users come to Bing every day to find information that matters to them. In earlier generations of search, a query such as “breast cancer symptoms” would be simply treated as three keywords to match against the web…. Read more

Forget the pollsters: Microsoft's Bing predicted midterm election with 95% accuracy

This is a re-post of an article from NetworkWorld. The search engine continues its track record of astonishingly accurate predictions. "Now that the dust has settled from the elections, Bing Predict has won out again with a 95% accuracy rate in calling the House, Senate, and Governor's races. It got 34 out of 35 Senate… Read more