Home Appliances, Vending Machines – Even Cruise Ships – Get an Infusion of Cortana Intelligence & Machine Learning

A quick overview of recent customer case studies involving the application of Microsoft’s AI, Big Data & Machine Learning offerings. Carnival Maritime Predicts Water Consumption on Cruise Ships The Costa Group’s fleet of 26 cruise ships sail all over the world. The industrial equipment on their ships have thousands of sensors that collect data in… Read more

Azure Machine Learning Now Available in West Central US

This post is authored by Ted Way, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. We are pleased to announce that Azure Machine Learning is now generally available in the West Central United States (WCUS) Azure region. With this, Azure ML is now available in these regions: United States East US2 South Central US NEW: West Central US… Read more

How Adobe, Dallas Zoo and Financial Fabric Are Using Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Azure Data Platform

A montage of recent customer use cases, demonstrating the range of capabilities of Microsoft’s AI, Big Data & Advanced Analytics offerings. Adobe Helps Customers Break the Language Barrier Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enterprise content management platform that helps large and mid-size companies manage their web content, digital assets, online communities and more. Digital… Read more

Empowering Developers with AI & Deep Learning

Re-posted from the Azure blog. Deep Learning is powering many of the biggest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence in recent times, spanning areas such as speech recognition, language understanding and computer vision. Indeed, Deep Learning is now changing the very customer experience around many Microsoft products, including HoloLens, Skype, Cortana, Office 365, Bing and more. Our… Read more

Free Online Workshop on Cortana Intelligence Suite: Register Now!

Get Live, Step-by-Step Guidance from Microsoft Experts This post is authored by Matthew Calder, Senior Content Developer at Microsoft. Join us on Microsoft Virtual Academy on Tuesday December 6th 2016, from 9AM – 4PM Pacific, for an exciting look at the Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS), and end your day with a fully working intelligent web… Read more

Azure ML Available in Japan East and US East 2

This post is authored by Ted Way, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. Azure Machine Learning is now generally available in Japan East and US East 2. These regions have the same pricing and SLA as other Azure regions where Azure ML is already available: US South Central, Southeast Asia, West Europe and Germany Central. Japan… Read more

Announcing the Winners – Women’s Health Risk Assessment Competition

This post is authored by Hai Ning, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. We are excited to announce the winners of the Women’s Health Risk Assessment competition, a contest that we launched on the Cortana Intelligence Competition Platform back in July this year. As we shared in an earlier blog entry, according to a World Health… Read more

Introducing Custom Modules in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery

This post is authored by Roopali Kaujalgi, Senior Program Manager, and Hai Ning, Principal Program Manager, at Microsoft. Azure ML Studio offers a list of 75 (and growing!) built-in modules, to help you prepare data and create machine learning experiments. We also offer extensibility via custom R modules, for functionality beyond what’s in the built-in… Read more

Healthcare Analytics with Cortana Intelligence

This post is authored by Shaheen Gauher, PhD, Data Scientist at Microsoft. U.S. healthcare spending is expected to reach $4.8 trillion in 2021, accounting for one-fifth of the U.S. economy! The total annual cost of healthcare for a typical family of four with employer-provided PPO insurance coverage, as estimated by Milliman, is about $25,000 in… Read more

Speeding Up Azure ML Web Services Containing R or Python Modules

This post is authored by Danil Kirsanov, Senior Developer at Microsoft. Response time is one of the critical parameters of a deployed Azure Machine Learning web service (see this walkthrough for information on how to create an Azure ML experiment and deploy a web service). In this post, we discuss one of the ways to… Read more