Calling All AI Innovators – Join the ‘Cloud AI Challenge’ for a Chance to Win $25,000

This post is authored by Vani Mandava, Director of Data Science at Microsoft Research. The AI revolution is poised to unleash unprecedented innovation and impact on our society. Several research and development groups across Microsoft have hit their stride in delivering world-changing impact through the power of AI. Working together, we are creating a comprehensive… Read more

Announcing Winners of the Azure for Research Awards for ML

As one part of the Microsoft Azure for Research project we periodically run RFPs and offer awards that grant access to Azure Machine Learning to researchers, instructors and students. The goal of these awards is to facilitate scholarly and scientific research by enabling researchers and instructors to take advantage of the power and scale of… Read more

Microsoft Research Grants Available for Azure, Including Machine Learning

This article is a re-post from the Microsoft Research Connections Blog. A year ago, the Microsoft Azure for Research project began as a small effort to help external researchers and scientists (and Microsoft) understand how the cloud could accelerate research insights. The project enables researchers to take advantage of cloud computing for collaboration, computation, and… Read more