Home Appliances, Vending Machines – Even Cruise Ships – Get an Infusion of Cortana Intelligence & Machine Learning

A quick overview of recent customer case studies involving the application of Microsoft’s AI, Big Data & Machine Learning offerings. Carnival Maritime Predicts Water Consumption on Cruise Ships The Costa Group’s fleet of 26 cruise ships sail all over the world. The industrial equipment on their ships have thousands of sensors that collect data in… Read more

Free Online Workshop on Cortana Intelligence Suite: Register Now!

Get Live, Step-by-Step Guidance from Microsoft Experts This post is authored by Matthew Calder, Senior Content Developer at Microsoft. Join us on Microsoft Virtual Academy on Tuesday December 6th 2016, from 9AM – 4PM Pacific, for an exciting look at the Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS), and end your day with a fully working intelligent web… Read more

Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session on Big Data & Analytics

We’re excited to host a special Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session next week, focused on big data & analytics. Join us in an interactive conversation with Microsoft engineers who are pushing the state-of-the-art in this space. The session will take place on /r/Azure on Thursday next week, November 17th, between 10AM and 2PM Pacific… Read more

Setting Up Predictive Analytics Pipelines Using Azure SQL Data Warehouse

This post is by Robert Alexander, Solution Architect in the Data Group at Microsoft. Big data is big and getting bigger. Better get used to a whole new set of prefixes beyond peta such as exa, zetta, and yotta. The total amount of data is projected to increase to about 50 zettabytes by 2020, as… Read more

Cloud-Based Energy Disaggregation Using the Cortana Analytics Suite

This post is authored by Dmitry Pechyony, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft, and Ilan Reiter, Principal Data Science Manager at Microsoft. For those of you who have looked at your electricity bill in dismay, wondering what makes your energy consumption so sky high, help may soon be on its way. The technique of energy disaggregation… Read more

Cortana Analytics Suite Powers Russell Reynolds Associates’ Search for the Perfect Match

This post is co-authored by Ke Huang, Data Scientist, Said Bleik, Data Scientist, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, all at Microsoft. Russell Reynolds Associates, a global leader in assessment, recruitment and succession planning for C-suite roles, CEOs and boards of directors has teamed up with Microsoft to develop an innovative search system that… Read more

ServusNet Forecasts Wind Power Using Cortana Analytics Suite

This post is authored by Jaya Mathew & Hong Lu, Data Scientists at Microsoft, in collaboration with the team at ServusNet.   Governments worldwide are actively promoting the use of renewable energy because of the growing concern over climate change and carbon emissions. Among the available renewable energy sources, harnessing energy through wind turbines offers a… Read more

IMML at Grace Hopper, Houston

This post is authored by Rama Raman, Senior Software Engineer, and Rhonda Phillips, Program Manager, at Microsoft. The Microsoft Information Management & Machine Learning (IMML) team had a strong presence at the Grace Hopper Conference, held recently in Houston. Here’s a short post highlighting some of our team’s activities there. Booth & Presentations Monica Kei,… Read more

OpenField Uses Cortana Analytics to Get Ahead in the Marketing Game

This post is co-authored by Ye Xing, Senior Data Scientist, Benjamin Moulès, Developer Evangelist, Peng Xia, Data Scientist, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager at Microsoft.  Beyond evoking passion among fans around the globe, professional soccer is also big business. Top clubs draw tens of thousands of fans into stadiums each game and their… Read more

Announcing the General Availability of Azure Data Factory

This post is authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft. I am thrilled to announce the general availability of the Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) today. A key component of the recently announced Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite, ADF is a fully managed cloud-based data integration service that… Read more