Load Data Directly from Azure Data Lake into Azure SQL Data Warehouse Using Polybase

Re-posted from the Azure blog. NOTE: This post was updated on Tuesday February 14th 2017, including an update to the title. Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Azure SQL DW, or just SQL DW for short) is a SQL-based fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehousing solution in the cloud. It is highly elastic, enabling you to provision in minutes and scale… Read more

Free Webinar: What is Azure Data Lake?

Big Data and Data Warehousing are at the core of any data platform discussion these days. Tune into this free webinar to learn about building end-to-end Big Data solutions using Azure Data Lake, a new offering that’s a critical element of the Microsoft data platform story and part of the Cortana Analytics Suite. Join the… Read more

REEF Graduates to a Top-Level Apache Project

This post is authored by Markus Weimer, Principal Scientist, Beysim Sezgin, Principal Engineer, and Hiren Patel, Program Manager, all at Microsoft. Raghu Ramakrishnan, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer for Data, recently shared some behind-the-scenes details of Azure Data Lake. We are excited to share some important news regarding one of those systems today: In November this… Read more

Behind the Scenes of Azure Data Lake: Bringing Microsoft’s Big Data Experience to Hadoop

Originally posted on the Microsoft Azure blog by Raghu Ramakrishnan, Technical Fellow on the Microsoft Data Platform team. Microsoft just announced the Azure Data Lake, a set of big data storage and analytics services let you perform all types of processing and analytics on data of any size or shape and across multiple platforms and… Read more

Video: What 0-50 million users in 7 days can teach us about big data

This video accompanies our recent blog post on the topic of the viral How-Old.net app and our learnings from that. Watch Joseph Sirosh present a behind-the-scenes peek into the creation of the viral How-Old.net phenomenon at Strata + Hadoop NYC 2015. Joseph talks about how this app reached 50 million users in record time, the… Read more