How Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Uses AI to Predict Customer Churn

This post is authored by Zoran Dzunic, Data Scientist, Chris Hoder, Program Manager, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, at Microsoft. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance (IFBI) has served Hoosiers for more than 80 years. Organized in 1934 by Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc., the company has grown to include insurance products for auto, home, life, business… Read more

Cortana Analytics Suite Powers Russell Reynolds Associates’ Search for the Perfect Match

This post is co-authored by Ke Huang, Data Scientist, Said Bleik, Data Scientist, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, all at Microsoft. Russell Reynolds Associates, a global leader in assessment, recruitment and succession planning for C-suite roles, CEOs and boards of directors has teamed up with Microsoft to develop an innovative search system that… Read more

ServusNet Forecasts Wind Power Using Cortana Analytics Suite

This post is authored by Jaya Mathew & Hong Lu, Data Scientists at Microsoft, in collaboration with the team at ServusNet.   Governments worldwide are actively promoting the use of renewable energy because of the growing concern over climate change and carbon emissions. Among the available renewable energy sources, harnessing energy through wind turbines offers a… Read more

OpenField Uses Cortana Analytics to Get Ahead in the Marketing Game

This post is co-authored by Ye Xing, Senior Data Scientist, Benjamin Moulès, Developer Evangelist, Peng Xia, Data Scientist, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager at Microsoft.  Beyond evoking passion among fans around the globe, professional soccer is also big business. Top clubs draw tens of thousands of fans into stadiums each game and their… Read more

Cortana Analytics Suite Helps Diebold Predict ATM Failures

This post is co-authored by Katherine Lin, Data Scientist, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager at Microsoft.  Unplanned machine downtime is a serious disruption to businesses across many industries, resulting in lost revenue, high unscheduled repair costs and customer dissatisfaction. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is possible for the… Read more

Free Webinar: Predict Customer Churn Using Cortana Analytics Suite

With the explosion of digital data, it is becoming possible to predict with good accuracy which customers are most likely to leave your service, and to understand what the key contributing factors are. In this session, learn how to build a real-life churn model using Azure ML, how to make it enterprise-ready with Azure Data… Read more

Announcing the General Availability of Azure Data Factory

This post is authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft. I am thrilled to announce the general availability of the Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) today. A key component of the recently announced Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite, ADF is a fully managed cloud-based data integration service that… Read more

Free Webinar: Introduction to Azure Data Factory

In a fast changing data landscape where unstructured and structured data originate from many cloud and on-premises sources, Azure Data Factory (ADF) lets you process on-premises data such as SQL Server alongside cloud data such as Azure SQL DB, blobs, and tables. These data sources can be composed, processed, and monitored through simple, available, fault-tolerant… Read more

Free Webinar: Energy Forecasting in Smart Grids

Demand forecasting is a critical task for the energy industry. Building a reliable forecasting mechanism, however, presents huge challenges, requiring major investments in data collection, storage, model building, data flow automation and more. The recently announced Cortana Analytics Suite from Microsoft provides multiple services – including Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory,… Read more

ML Predicts School Dropout Risk & Boosts Graduation Rates

The next post in our series on how customers are gaining actionable insights on their data through the power of Microsoft advanced analytics – at scale and in the cloud. Can software predict which students are at risk for dropping out? Till not long ago, the reputation of public education in Tacoma, WA, wasn’t stellar…. Read more