New Year & New Updates to the Windows Data Science Virtual Machine

This post is authored by Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager in the Data Group at Microsoft. First of all, a big thank you to all users of the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) for your tremendous response to our offering in 2016. We’re looking forward to a similarly great year in 2017. The new year… Read more

Announcing the General Availability of Azure Stream Analytics

This post is authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft. As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver a world-class data platform, I am thrilled to announce the general availability of Azure Stream Analytics, a fully managed cloud service for real-time processing of streaming data. This new… Read more

Introducing Text Analytics in the Azure ML Marketplace

This blog post is authored by Nagender Parimi, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Understanding and analyzing unstructured text is an increasingly popular field and includes a wide spectrum of problems such as sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, topic modeling/extraction, aspect extraction and more. In that context, we are excited to announce the launch of a new… Read more

VentureBeat: Microsoft gives out free access to its Azure Machine Learning service

Re-post of an article from VentureBeat earlier this week. "… you’ll welcome a recent development coming out of the PASS Summit in Seattle. Microsoft executives on the scene there announced that the company is opening up Azure Machine Learning to free access. That means you don’t need to plug in your credit card information if… Read more

What 0-50 million users in 7 days can teach us about big data

In July of this year, Satya Nadella shared our broad vision for big data and analytics when he announced the Cortana Analytics Suite. Included in the suite is a collection of perceptual intelligence APIs, such as the face API. These APIs incorporate state of the art algorithms from Microsoft Research for facial detection and recognition,… Read more

Announcing R Tools for Visual Studio

This post is by Shahrokh Mortazavi, Partner Director of Program Management in the Data Group at Microsoft. I am delighted to announce that Visual Studio now speaks another language: R! R is decidedly the most popular statistical/data analysis language in use today. R Tools for Visual Studio brings together the power of R and Visual Studio… Read more

Machine Learning and Text Analytics

The following post is from Dr. Ashok Chandra, Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research and Dhyanesh Narayanan, Program Manager at Microsoft Research When I (Ashok) was a student at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the 70’s, there was great optimism that human-level machine intelligence was just around the corner. Well, it is still just around the… Read more

Vowpal Wabbit for Fast Learning

This blog post is authored by John Langford, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, New York City. Vowpal Wabbit is an open source machine learning (ML) system sponsored by Microsoft. VW is the essence of speed in machine learning, able to learn from terafeature datasets with ease. Via parallel learning, it can exceed the throughput of… Read more

Bing brings the world’s knowledge to your Office documents

Imagine your child is writing a report about Abraham Lincoln, they just started and so far they’ve typed: “Lincoln was the 16th president of United States. He was born in…” but then realize they’ve forgotten when Honest Abe was born. Ordinarily, they would have to leave Word, open a browser window, search for “Lincoln” –… Read more

Recent Updates to the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine

Posted by Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Data Group. It’s been over 9 months since we first released the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM), a custom virtual machine image we published in the Azure Marketplace with a host of popular data science tools pre-installed and pre-configured. We’ve made a few updates since… Read more