17 Predictions for 2017, from Women in Microsoft Global Research

Re-posted from the Microsoft Next blog.

As we celebrate Computer Science Education Week, it’s ever more critical for everyone around the globe to be digitally literate. This is particularly true for women and girls, as they represent half of the world’s population but account for barely 20 percent of computer science graduates in 34 OECD countries, according to this report.

An issue cited for the dearth of women in computing is the lack of role models for girls to look up to or connect with. To counter this perception, we asked 17 women in Microsoft’s global research organization to predict the future in their respective fields, not just for 2017, but for 10 years out, and in diverse areas such as:

  • AI, computer vision, speech and natural language processing.
  • Machine learning algorithms.
  • Search and information retrieval.
  • Biological computation, virtual reality, and more…

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CIML Blog Team