Broad interest in our Revolution Analytics announcement

Our Friday announcement about Revolution Analytics generated a lot of interest worldwide with positive coverage in many technology and business publications and on social channels including Hacker News and Twitter. Here’s a small sampling of quotes – and the logos are linked to the corresponding article. “Though Microsoft already works with R, this represents a… Read more

Microsoft to Acquire Revolution Analytics

Re-posted from the Official Microsoft Blog Microsoft has reached an agreement to acquire Revolution Analytics.  Announcing this earlier today, Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft, said “Revolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software and services for R, the world’s most widely used programming language for statistical… Read more

Microsoft Acquires Equivio, Provider of ML Solutions for eDiscovery and Information Governance

Re-post from the Official Microsoft Blog Our customers generate enormous volumes of data every day including tons of email and documents. Sifting through all that data to find what is relevant to a specific legal or compliance issue can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. We acquired Equivio with the goal of helping our customers tackle… Read more

Announcing Winners of the Azure for Research Awards for ML

As one part of the Microsoft Azure for Research project we periodically run RFPs and offer awards that grant access to Azure Machine Learning to researchers, instructors and students. The goal of these awards is to facilitate scholarly and scientific research by enabling researchers and instructors to take advantage of the power and scale of… Read more

Dr. Pig – or how Azure ML is helping Chinese pig farmers

The range of applications where Machine Learning (ML) can be applied never cease to amaze us. Recently, a team in Microsoft China which included an intern whose father raises pigs built a phone app to help small-scale pig farmers decide on the types and quantity of pigs that will maximize their profits and minimize market… Read more

Channel 9 Video on Azure Data Factory

In case you missed it: Channel 9 recently featured a discussion and demos of our preview release of Azure Data Factory. In this video, Anand Subbaraj introduces us to Azure Data Factory (ADF), a new Azure service that helps data developers and IT professionals easily transform raw data into trusted data assets for their organization… Read more

Award-Winning Research Paper Brings Precision to Sampling Methods Used in Statistics and ML

Through a new, efficient algorithm for exact sampling, Microsoft researchers Daniel Tarlow and Tom Minka, along with former Microsoft intern Chris Maddison, address a core problem of statistics and machine learning (ML). The authors submitted their algorithm at NIPS 2014 where it was picked as one of the two Outstanding Paper Award winners from a… Read more

Addressing Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning

Hanna Wallach is a Microsoft ML researcher based out of New York City and also serves as a faculty member in the Computational Social Science Initiative at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Hanna recently gave a talk on the topic of Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in ML at NIPS 2014. You can read a transcript of… Read more

Perspectives from Microsoft Data Scientists Val Fontama and Wee Hyong Tok

Repost of an article earlier published on the SQL Data Platform Insider blog.     In an earlier post we talked about a new book titled Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning which released in December on where it was doing rather well. The Data Platform Insider blog team at SQL recently had an opportunity to sit down… Read more

Azure ML Predicts Customers’ Shopping Lists – Even Before They Shop!

We continue our series of posts on how Microsoft customers are gaining actionable insights on their data by operationalizing ML and advanced analytics – at scale and in the cloud. This post is by Vinod Anantharaman, Head of Business Strategy, Information Management and Machine Learning (IMML). As one of the largest independent food delivery service… Read more