MS Ventures Accelerator Seattle Opens Applications for ML & Data Science Startups

The Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Seattle has opened applications for its newest batch of startups, and our focus this third time around is on machine learning and data science startups.

With the huge explosion of data all around us, it’s not surprising that data science is starting to permeate numerous industries today. The underlying technologies too are becoming ever more accessible each passing day, including to startups. In fact, startup data science investments have doubled every two years for almost 10 years now.

Analytics startups clearly have a huge opportunity in front of them to deliver tremendous value to customers over the next decade. Seattle being the cloud capital of the world, our MS Ventures Accelerator arm here has decided to cherry-pick a select group of promising startups and we are now open for applications.

Learn more by clicking here or on the image below. Our best wishes to all startups who decide to give it a shot.  

ML Blog Team