Azure ML for Teaching

Re-posted from this article by Dr Kenji Takeda of Microsoft Research

Some of the world’s best ML researchers got together at ICML 2015 in Lille, France, recently. Many conversations at the Microsoft ICML booth gravitated towards using Azure ML as a teaching tool. Its easy to understand why teaching ML foundations and applications to students can be challenging – the space is vast and there are not many accessible tools out there that make it easy for students to get exciting hands-on learning experiences. Rather than exploring the why, what and how of ML, students too often get bogged down in technical minutiae and tools-specific issues.

There was a real sense that Azure ML Studio could really come to the rescue of teachers and students everywhere:

  • It is entirely cloud and browser -based, making for easy access from anywhere.

  • It’s easy for students with no experience in computer programming to get started.

  • It includes a completely free and anonymous “guest” tier.

  • There are many simple yet powerful ML templates and tutorials to great you started on making predictions.

  • Students and instructors can work collaboratively in private workspaces or publicly via the Azure ML gallery.

  • Faculty and researchers have special resources available exclusively for them.

To learn more, read Dr Takeda’s complete post on this topic here or by clicking below.

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