PyData Conference in Seattle

Here in the Azure Machine Learning team we live and breathe two scripting languages: R and Python. We’re working on exciting products that will advance the state of the art in how data scientists employ these languages and their stacks. 

Both these ecosystems are fueled by the open source community, of course, and we are looking for ways to give back. For instance, we were recently the Keystone sponsor at PyCon 2015 and have contributed to the Jupyter/IPython project prior to that. Today, I’m very happy to announce that we will be sponsoring and hosting the first PyData conference here on the Microsoft campus – and you are invited!

PyData will bring top speakers and practitioners from the industry and academia together for three days of exciting tutorials, talks and sprints. The tutorials cover Python, numpy/scipy, Pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, etc. The talks span the full spectrum of big data, advanced analytics, visualization and more. After the talks we’ll be hosting a number of sprints where folks can contribute to their favorite open source projects.

While PyData usually attracts around 200 attendees, I’m pleased to see that this particular conference, the very first PyData in the Pacific Northwest, has already crossed 1,200 registrants! So register yourself asap if you haven’t done so already, and forward a link to your colleagues too, so they can join in. 

Here are some important facts and resources:

Conference date:               July 24-26
Conference location:         Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond
Conference site:      
List of talks:             

See you at PyData!  

Shahrokh Mortazavi
Azure Machine Learning