Free Webinar: Intro to Azure Stream Analytics

Learn about one of the cool technologies powering the viral demo. If you aren’t among the tens of millions who have tried that demo, essentially it lets you upload a picture and have it analyzed by the Face API – available on the Azure ML Gallery – to predict the age and gender of any faces detected in that picture. The site saw over one quarter million pictures uploaded within days of it going live at Build 2015!

We hooked up the site to Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) to determine – in real time – such information as where those millions of users were coming from, the age groups of the faces they were uploading, etc. By linking the output of ASA to Power BI we had ourselves a nice real-time dashboard to view all this info graphically. The best part was that the entire demo took well under a day to create, demonstrating the true power of these cloud services.  

In this webinar you will learn first-hand about Azure Stream Analytics – sign up by clicking here or on the image below.

ML Blog Team